About Us

I.T Computer, which was registered under the law of the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a company importing, distributing and selling all kind of computer. Our company was established in 2002 and started selling secondhand computer. Seeing the future and potentially booming market, and with the focus on maintaining good quality and reputation, after two years of operation, our company shifted from sale of secondhand computer to importation and sale of new computer of popular brand names.

Through efforts in sale and good service, I.T COMPUTER has developed at a rapid pace; we now have our 100 sub-dealing shops in cities and provinces across the Kingdom of Cambodia.

We began importing brand-new computer in 2004 when we had only about 20% of the market share. However, with good cooperating with suppliers from counties like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, coupled with the good service that we provide and the variety of brand names and models that we offer, we have gained 70%-80% of the market share.

Our company started off with our own premises and a working capital of approximately three hundred thousand dollars. With our ongoing efforts and supports from various other shops, we are now an important part of the Cambodia market, and we have subsequently expanded to two additional branches.

March 2002: Launch of I.T COMPUTER Company (selling secondhand computers);
September 2004: Importing and selling all kinds of brand-new computer;
June 2006: Opening of an addition branch named IT WORLD COMPUTER;
May 2009: Opening of an addition branch named SUNTECH COMPUTER;
July 2009: Got ASUS authorize Distributor;
October 2009: Launch of ASUS notebooks ( ASUS Authorized Distributor ).